‘THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!’: 10,000 New Yorkers Crowd Into FOOTBALL FIELD Size Hangar To Cheer On Trump

Written by Doug Giles on April 7, 2016

Donald Trump continues to bring in massive crowds — especially in his home state of New York. More than 10,000 people showed up to the packed out event.

Donald Trump delivered a stump speech for the ages on Wednesday night, a New York homecoming that saw an estimated 10,000 people shoehorn themselves into a Cold War spacecraft testing hangar to hear their home town idol blast off.

Trump, true to form, declared the crowd was 17,000 strong.

His gold had lost some of its luster in recent weeks as he suffered a series of self-induced public relations meltdowns over comments he made on abortion and nuclear weapons, along with premature denials of facts related to pending battery accusations against his campaign manager.

Making matters worse, he took a beating Tuesday in Wisconsin at the hands of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Wisconsin’s primary.

But Trump thundered back a day later on Long Island as he returned to his early campaign form and thrilled his single largest standing-only crowd since launching his White House bid last June.

‘It’s great to be home! We love New York!’ he cried at the top of a brief 36-minute speech in the town of Bethpage.

‘I love these people! These are my people!’

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Ivanka Trump also gave a speech before her father came on stage just 11 days after giving birth to her son Theodore:


Ivanka Trump introduced her father to a massive crowd in his home city of New York on Wednesday.

The 34-year-old, who recently gave birth, looked radiant as she reeled off a list of reasons voters should back Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

She gushed about his ‘refusal to take no for an answer’ and his successes in various industries.

Though she has read the same speech before, the crowd in Bethpage, Long Island, was ecstatic.

And she also squeezed in a shout-out to her one-week-old son Theodore, and lamented to the crowds about how difficult it was to leave him at home so she could come to make her speech.

All of her siblings bar Tiffany and Baron were stood in the wings. There was no sign of Trump’s wife Melania.

When Trump emerged, he told the 10,000-strong crowd there was 17,000 of them as he attempted to put on a defiant show after conceding to Ted Cruz in Wisconsin.

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Here was his full speech:

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