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Trump CRUSHES Cruz And Kasich In NY… Here’s How HUGE His Victory Was

Donald Trump had a massive and sweeping victory last night in the New York primary. But just HOW big was this win? After Cruz swept up several unbound delegates, this is still putting a lot of pressure on his campaign. Check this out…

Donald Trump won big Tuesday night in the New York primary, not only taking 60 percent of the vote, but also getting 89 of the all important 95 delegates up for grabs.

With the win, Trump now has a total of 845 delegates, compared to 559 for rival Ted Cruz– with just 14.5 percent of the vote, the Texas senator came away with no delegates Tuesday night, which deals a major blow to his chances of reaching the 1,237 needed to clinch the nomination.

“We’re really, really rocking,” the Republican front-runner said in his victory speech.

With 674 delegates available in the remaining primaries before the Republican National Convention in July, Trump now has 68 percent of the total needed. Even if Cruz swept the remaining states, he would be four delegates short of the total need to win, but remains mathematically alive due to the likely support from several dozen unbound delegates.

The real estate tycoon gave his victory speech in the lobby of Trump Tower and “seemed like a different candidate,” according to The New York Times.

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You can watch the full victory speech from Donald Trump below:

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