UNREAL: This Realistic Firearms Training Is Now Being Labelled As RACIST Because…

Published on April 8, 2016

This Police Department wanted to use a new firearms training simulator, but now they’re being blocked from doing so…because of ‘racism.’ No, this is not a joke.

The Pasadena Police Department is one of many agencies who have adopted FATS to give their officers better training so that law enforcement officers and the civilians they encounter in high-stress situations can both have a better chance of survival.

This is good, solid training, but a pair of Guilford County, NC commissioners have voted against the acquisition of the FATS systems for the dumbest of all possible reasons.

It uses suspects of various races.

According to Greensboro:

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office will use federal forfeiture funds to buy a firearms training simulator, despite lingering concerns from some officials over the racial implications of the device.

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners authorized the purchase 7-2 Thursday, with Commissioners Ray Trapp and Carlvena Foster dissenting.

The sheriff’s office will spend $51,850 on the firearms training simulator, or FATS, which will replace a defunct system from the 1980s, according to county documents.

The simulator comes with 700 pre-recorded training scenarios, and allows officers to train using the same weapons they handle on a daily basis. But the scenarios depict assailants of different ethnicities, which Trapp said seemed unnecessary.

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