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VIOLATION OF THE 10TH AMENDMENT Has Given Us the Government We Now Have

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

The greatest law ever to allow human freedom begins; “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more Perfect Union…….”. More and more we are becoming aware of citizens pushing back at their government from Municipal to the President that their rights under the Constitution are being violated. In particular and recently, we hear about government attempts to violate the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments in the Bill of Rights. My city government proudly emailed me that it violates the 6th as a standard practice.

But are my peers aware of which Amendment is violated most? Which and/or who spends the most money and has the greatest staff that is in violation of its very existence? It is the 10th of the original Bill of Rights. To quote: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”.

Article V of the Constitution defines the only way Amendments to this law may be accomplished and it is not by Presidential, Governor, Mayoral or any other dictate. Therefore, we may question even the existence of many very powerful but illegal Federal Departments and the size of others. Examine this list and note those that are totally illegal under the Constitution, and those that are over-bloated.

State: The Secretary of State oversees international relations. (Bloated to serve other Depts).
Treasury: The Secretary of the Treasury is concerned with financial and monetary issues. (Bloated to manipulate money).
Defense: The Secretary of Defense supervises national defense and the armed forces. (Lots of corruption & waste but stolen from by other Depts.).
Justice: The Attorney General is responsible for law enforcement. (Heavily Armed! Has expanded to attempt forceful takeover of state & municipal law enforcement by threat).
(*1) Interior: The Secretary of the Interior oversees federal land and natural resource use.
(*2) Agriculture: The Secretary of Agriculture advises policy on food, farming, and agricultural trade.
(*3) Commerce: The Secretary of Commerce is concerned with economic growth.
(*4) Labor: The Secretary of Labor is responsible for occupational safety and workplace regulation.
(*5) Health and Human Services: The Secretary of Health and Human Services is charged with ensuring the health and well-being of Americans.
(*6) Housing and Urban Development: The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development administers affordable housing and city planning.
(*7) Transportation: The Secretary of Transportation oversees transportation infrastructure and policies.
(*8) Energy: The Secretary of Energy is responsible for research into energy sources and the handling of nuclear material.
(*9) Education: The Secretary of Education oversees public schools.
(*10) Veterans Affairs: The Secretary of Veterans Affairs coordinates programs and benefits for veterans
(*11) Homeland Security: The Secretary of Homeland Security is responsible for domestic security measures

In addition to the secretaries of the established executive departments, there are some cabinet-level officers who are the heads of independent executive agencies. These agencies do not answer to the president directly and, therefore, there are no executive departments strictly speaking. Still, their heads are considered high ranking advisors to the president. These cabinet-level officers include the vice president, the chief of staff, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the trade representative, the Ambassador to the United Nations, the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, and the administrator of the Small Business Administration.

For reference to the number of Federal employees, search Number of Federal Employees. For State figures: search “”. For the last year available, 2014, the total civilian federal employees was reported as 2,663,000. Here I note that most of these people are employed by Departments that are not established under the Constitution but rather should be employees of the States, (where the number could be reduced by efficiency alone). In 2014 the military employed 1,459,000 and the Judicial Branch an additional 63,000.

(*1) ARMED. The only lands that the Federal Government should control under the Constitution is the District of Columbia, Military Bases and little more. EVERY Federal “Monument” and “Reserve is technically a federal land grab from the states. The BLM controls all “federal” lands and works close with the Dept. of Ag. to control even private farm land use.
(*2) ARMED. I find it unbelievable that a bureaucrat in the District of Corruption can accurately and fairly dictate how to produce apples in WA & NY, wheat in KA & OK, corn and hogs in IA, poultry in MN, oranges in FL, almonds in CA, lettuce in AZ, cattle in TX, milk in WI, fish in AK and the list goes on. I firmly believe that the greatest agricultural nation on this planet could and should operate without the D.C. mixture of bureaucratic fertilizer and its associated costs. Back to the States!
(*3) The Department of Commerce has a history that the only growth it succeeds at is their own growth. The Dept. of Commerce, with the Dept. of State, Dept. of Ag, Dept. of Labor and Dept. of Treasury have done more to remove industry and food production from the U.S. while promoting import from other countries by signing onto unfair trade agreements and regulations that handicap the American producer of both food and industrial product.
(*4) There was a time when Unions were badly needed and benefited American laborer. The United Mine Workers, United Auto Workers, Teamsters and so many others lifted the masses from abject serfdom to middle class. Then many Union leaders became corrupt and with them, many politicians. The knit between many politicians and certain union leaders is appalling. When two Union Leaders such as John L. Lewis and Dave Beck, (to name only two) separately began to threaten the shutdown of U.S. industry even in time of war, Union boldness exceeded their useful life. This is amplified by their ability to destroy even “Mom & Pop” businesses. The Dept. of Labor no longer hides that it has become an extension of Union bosses and, between them, dictates how farm and industry must be run. These two are among the biggest reason for the U.S. to no longer be the world industrial leader.
(*5) Health and Human Services allows immigrants to cross our borders unimpeded by health checks. This fault alone endangers every citizen by the exposure to diseases never before heard of in our country and also infestation of diseases that once were defeated within our borders. HHS also is the primary sponsor of the Affordable Health Care Act, (ObamaCare) that grew their Department exponentially while putting the American Health Care system on a path to equal a third world country.
(*6) To understand the failure of Housing and Urban Development, take a tour of Detroit or the urban housing development in NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, and every other major U.S. city. The tributes to HUD are high rise buildings that have turned into urban slums and rat infested rubble. The answer from HUD is to plea for more money to create more of the same.
(*7) President Eisenhower sponsored a 4 cent gas tax to build our interstate highway system. It worked well until these gas taxes were raised and then folded into the General Fund so that Congress could treat it just like the Social Security taxes, a money pot. That pot became a source to dip for pet grants to friends and supporters of select Congress persons. (Another example is the aviation fuel tax said to be for aviation control safety while the system remains decades obsolete). The present Administration is promoting a 10 dollar a barrel crude oil tax said to be for highway repair but will be filtered again by congress to their favorite contractors and allies.
(*8) The Dept. of Energy was one of President Carter’s ideas. This Department, (with the EPA, Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Ag. and Dept. of State) have nearly destroyed U.S. energy. They have made every attempt to disallow the U.S. from developing any but Solar and Wind power. Free enterprise is frowned upon and even the White House overtly threatens to destroy any energy source he does not approve of. A large piece of our national debt can be traced directly to the existence of the Dept. of Energy, its sponsors and supporters.
(*9) While a growing number of parents are clamoring for home schooling and charter schools, the government tries to jail any parent that disagrees with their “public schooling”. Common Core is despised by an increasing number of parents but to even question such at a school board can result in iron fisted retaliation. Many of us fear what this generation of Core educated children will become once out in society. Even at this moment, High School graduates know almost nothing of World History, U.S. History, fundamental Grammar, practical Mathematics, Geography or Civics. But they do know how to conclude that 2 x 3 =7 and put on a condom.
(*10) Veterans affairs is such a tragedy that it should be mostly rolled into the civilian medical system and the balance to the Dept. of Defense where they embrace their peers. The V.A. has become a pot for bureaucrats to dip into and a place to promote lifetime tenure for select individuals while doing nothing for the veterans. Too many civilians in the V.A. have become the new enemy of the Veteran. The V.A. bloviates while our American heroes die!
(*11) Homeland Security is, and will remain a farce as long as we have open borders and the Executive Dept. of this nation will not accept identifying who the enemy is. Nuff said.

Now friends, how many of these functions and responsibilities should revert to the States as the Constitution dictates? Who is better qualified to manage the forests in OR; a Senator from KA? Who is better qualified to manage grazing land in the West; a Congressman from MA or HI? Every American can grow this question. Think of all the idiots in Congress that promote that they know what is best for everyone, everywhere at any time. Scary isn’t it?

They got that power by ignoring and going around the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights. This tells you that your Senators and Congressional Rep. are likely NOT representing the true interest of your state but rather their own collective power. They cohere with each other to maintain central power that ignores this vital part of OUR BILL OF RIGHTS! The 10th was put there to bring most decisions back to where “We the People” live and can control our own destiny.. That power now resides in 535 people in Congress and a self-anointed Monarch that the 535 suck up to. Ignoring the Constitution is technically a criminal act.


Les Weaver: Born into abject poverty in 1934, he spent his teen years on farms as a foster child and was classified as a farm laborer when he joined the Navy in 1952. After that service, he had a short stint at a University but moved on to 35 years associated with the engineering and technical sciences in Aero-Space, retiring from two Aerospace giants in senior positions and a small business. Until retirement, his writing experience was limited to technical occupational reports. His wife is a German immigrant, now a proud American and together they enjoy gardening. Les takes breaks from gardening to express himself to the politicians by phone, email and now thru ClashDaily/DougGiles.

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