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VIRAL 24MIL VIEWS: Motorcycle Ride Goes To HELL Quick, This Is Almost TOO Much To Watch

If you like to live your life on the edge, then you will love this video. Hold on to your seat while watching this — is it a miracle what happens at the end?

Omro, WI (WMC) – It’s an incredibly frightening moment caught on camera by two bikers on YouTube. It happened on Hwy 21 in Omro, Wisconsin this past weekend.

Different angles of the incident are captured by two different riders.

In the first, recorded by a motorcyclist named Travis Meyer, you see the group of riders on the highway.

From the right side of the screen, a yellow dog suddenly bursts from the shoulder into the path of the motorcycle, narrowly missing him.

The rider, wearing a helmet mounted camera, turns his head to follow the dog.

That’s when one of his biker buddies slammed head on into the dog.

He immediately went down in a frightening crunch, another rider trying to avoid the mess lays his bike down just behind him.

But it’s the second angle that shows you the second biker came closest to death.

As he’s still sliding on the pavement, now across the line into oncoming traffic, a semi truck barrels his way.

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