SANDERS SAYS: He Wants to Do What 100% of DICTATORS Have ALL Done

Written by Thomas Holmes on April 15, 2016

Good news for Bernie Sanders and his campaign to elect a self-diagnosed Social Democrat into the White House. 100% of previous Social Democrats and dictators agree with his statement that, “what we need to do is prevent guns from falling into the hands of people who do not have them”.

You know, Social Democrats like Marx sympathizer Ferdinand Lassalle, Frederick Ebert and some guy named Hitler all would pretty much see that as step number one.

That’s got to be a really encouraging stat for the Sanders campaign that he’s fully in sync with his main party’s views on individual’s right to self-protection. Sanders provided that wonderful little snippet during last night’s Democrat debate on CNN. He then almost immediately walked it back as an obvious blurb, stating me meant that guns should be kept out of people who shouldn’t have them.

Bernie Sanders says people without hands… by DailyPolitics

Perhaps Bernie truly did mean to say the latter and not the former. I can believe it was an honest slip of the tongue. That said, if anyone thinks for a second that Uncle Comrade doesn’t drool himself to sleep at night with dreams of lustily grabbing every privately owned firearm in existence, I encourage you to read a history book.

Go on, pick anyone. They all will tell you that the primary goal of any government where the State gets to choose what is a right on Monday and then what may or may not be a right on Tuesday is to first remove an individual’s ability to control their own destiny.

That’s kind of the point.

Of course, Bernie’s Utopian policies are totally different from past philosophical and political comrades because Bernie understands that all this needed government dictatorship guidance is for the greater good of us all! Because that chestnut never gets old. Do I think that if elected President, Bernie would wipe out the 2nd Amendment? Probably not, but not for lack of desire.

Then again, if in the year 2000 when gay marriage was a D-level, untouchable and unctuous policy football for either party, you told me that in less than 15 years it would trans…form into a suddenly SCOTUS-defended “right” imbedded all these centuries in the Constitution, I would’ve said the same thing.

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