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WATCH: Hillary Goes On ‘The View’ and the Hosts Take @ss Kissing to a Whole NEW Level

Hillary Clinton went on The View for a butt kissing fest that will make your jaw drop. Watch how The Hildebeest answers as they hit her with some softballs.

In fact, to call it an interview is a disservice to legitimate interviews; It was more of a campaign rally.

One by one the panel laid in softballs and Hillary knocked them out of the park.

Joy Behar kicked it off by asking Clinton about how unfair sexism was to her and asked her to opine on the things that Donald Trump says that those on the left don’t like.

“What do you think would happen to women if a Republican — if Trump wins, God forbid?” she asked the candidate.

In true Clinton fashion, she listed things that Trump has said, out of context of course, to a receptive audience full of supporters.

“There are people out there who have this idea that you’re not trustworthy, that they don’t like you for some reason, what is that about in your opinion?” she asked.

Clinton responded by saying that she is trying to “figure out what’s behind it.”

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