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WATCH: This SMOKING GUN Video Should Lay To Rest Michelle Fields #GrabGate Claims

This video put out by TMZ should be proof enough for all of the #NeverTrump peeps that the Michelle Fields charges are against Trump’s campaign manager were totally false and exaggerated.

The newly released surveillance video reveals that the reporter did in fact cross the line and what she did leading up to the moment in which she claimed she was ‘grabbed’ by Corey Lewandowski.

According to TMZ:

Fields walks away, stands to the side for about 1 minute and 40 seconds, and then makes her move. It’s at about 2:30 in the video … Fields walks away as if she’s leaving the room, and then comes back —  when the agent turns his head — and beelines it back to the secured area.

Here’s what Jan Morgan had to say about the charges being dropped against Lewandowski via Facebook:


Michelle Fields is a liar who got caught.
She lied to police, exaggerating her encounter with Trump’s campaign manager, as an assault .
The video proved otherwise .
Her lies will forever taint her reputation.
She will never be a credible respected journalist again … (Not that she ever was)
All for the sake of 15 minutes of fame and her willingness to be USED by the Trump haters for their agenda to destroy Trump ..

It FAILED big time ..

Trumps numbers are higher than ever …
Michele Field’s credibility is below zero…
And those media talking heads who tried and convicted Corey R. Lewandowski on national television ( you know you are and so do we) … Katie Pavlich and Dana Loesch, Your numbers of conservative followers have tanked as well ..
We will not forget .
– 2016 Jan Morgan

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