Woman Asks Donald If He’d DEPORT Her Relatives, Trump’s Response SURPRISED Her

When this woman asked Donald Trump if he would deport her relatives for being undocumented, his answer shocked not only her, but the entire crowd.

During a town hall event on the “TODAY Show” the Republican presidential front-runner was confronted by Jamie Eckman, who said she was a registered Republican, and asked if he would deport the illegal immigrant parents of her relative who she said is a “natural-born American” serving in the military in Oman.

Here was how Trump responded:

“We’re going to do something. For people that have been — look, we’re either going to have a country or we’re not going to have a country. But many people are very fine people, and I’m sure these are very, very fine people. They’re going to go, and we’re going to create a path where we can get them into this country legally, okay? But it has to be done legally,” he said.

Do you agree with Trump’s plan to legally bring people into the United States? Or do you think it would be better if he just let everyone stay?

Watch the video below:

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