TRUMP WINS: Every ILLEGAL in the USA Just CRAPPED Their Pants

I bet there are a lot of illegal aliens sweating their butts off tonight.

Donald Trump has scored a big win in the Indiana primary, dealing a brutal blow to his main rival Ted Cruz

Trump repeatedly declared that ‘it’s over’ if the Texas Senator couldn’t win Indiana, with polls leading up to the final vote showing the real estate mogul had a massive lead.

With just 9 percent of the vote in, Donald Trump was leading Ted Cruz 54 percent to 33 percent.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich trailed with just 10 percent of the vote. CNN has already projected Trump to win the primary.

There are 59 delegates at stake in Indiana, and if Trump is able to score a blowout, his path to a win at the Republican National Convention will begin to look very difficult to stop.

Cruz showed no signs of fading away Tuesday. After holding a furious press conference where he ripped Trump as a habitual ‘liar’ and ‘serial philanderer,’ Cruz announced that he’ll hold campaign events in Nebraska and Washington on Wednesday.

Cruz himself elevated Indiana to a must-win test for himself. He even had the field partially cleared when Ohio Gov. John Kasich agreed not to campaign in the state as part of a controversial pact that fizzled anyway.

But his campaign showed signs of strain and endured uncomfortable mishaps in the campaign’s final days. Cruz awkwardly referred to a ‘basketball ring’ on a famed Hoosier court, then named Carly Fiorina as his ‘running mate’ in a desperate bid to shake up the race.

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