ALLEN WEST: Has Some WORDS For The #NeverTrump People… And It’s SPIKING Online

Published on May 4, 2016

Allen West has some strong words for the #NeverTrump crowd after last night Indiana primary results. This is going viral!

Here is my late night observation. The GOP needs good strong conservatives in the U.S. Senate. There’s nothing wrong with a first-term senator becoming a second-term senator and perhaps becoming Majority Leader or Whip.

My fear is that these three senators have damaged their political futures — Marco Rubio certainly has. Rubio will not be running for the senate seat this year, and as for his thoughts of running for governor in Florida I have two words: Adam Putnam.

Do I believe the whole “Never Trump” movement will continue? If it does, it will not be a smart move. The best thing at this time is to influence who the supporting cast will be for the presumptive GOP nominee.

The last thing needed is a pure populist. We need a group of folks who will advise and not be sycophants — too much is at stake. So, we must be focused on preventing a third Obama term, not our own respective likes and dislikes.

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