ANALYSIS: Here’s Where Ted Cruz Went WRONG

Published on May 4, 2016

Many are asking the question: what actually went wrong for Ted Cruz? Well, there were a few things, according to Fred Barnes at the Weekly Standard. Do you think this is true? Check it out…

What happened to Ted Cruz? A month ago, he won the Wisconsin primary in a landslide and was poised to combat Donald Trump with a fresh burst of enthusiasm. Now he’s out of the race and Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Things happened in two cycles, some in recent weeks and others that plagued his campaign from the beginning. As Trump said last night, Cruz is tough and smart. But he made big mistakes as a presidential candidate.

Cruz thought he could skip primaries in states that looked unpromising. He made a weak effort in New York on April 19 and finished third in the primary. That had an immediate impact on the primaries a week later in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Rhode Island. He lost all five and finished third – that is, last – in four of them.

Two other factors contributed to his demise. He accused Trump of being a liberal like Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic presidential nominee. The charge wasn’t credible. Trump may not be a conservative, but he’s hardly a liberal.

And Cruz talked incessantly about process. He and his campaign aides boasted about how well he was doing in putting Cruz backers in delegate slots pledged to Trump. They pointed to their success in winning all 34 delegates in Colorado, though neither a primary nor a caucus had been held.

Then there were Cruz’s long-term problems. One was his persistent claim to be the only “true conservative” in the race. Indeed, he is a conservative. But by saying so incessantly, he cut himself off from voters who weren’t interested in a right-wing candidate.

“I believe Cruz’s ideas on reviving the economy and destroying ISIS could have won over voters, but they got diluted by his quest to be seen as the most conservative candidate in the field – a contest that’s a sideshow to most Republican voters,” Danker wrote in an “overview” of the GOP race.

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