Beyoncé Is FURIOUS After Seeing THIS In the Sky at Her Concert…You’ll LOVE IT

Written by Thomas Holmes on May 3, 2016

Look, we all know that celebrities care. They care way more than regular people. That’s why they get paid millions of dollars. Because they are basically better human beings.

Ever since Beyoncé’s atrocious, Black Panther themed Super Bowl half-time show in which she effectively bitch-slapped the police and those that would actually defend the idea of cops taking down criminals, the pop star continues to stake her claim as pop culture’s biggest voice of irrational agitation.

Now Beyoncé is on her Formation tour and promoting her new album “Lemonade” which continues the attack on racial civility by promoting police hatred – because the cops are clearly forcing criminals to break the law. But now Beyoncé actually has to perform in places that aren’t Baltimore.

This week she was performing at Raymond James stadium in Tampa, FL when a pro-law enforcement group successfully stole her spotlight, if only for a while. A plane repeatedly circled the stadium with a banner reminding everyone, #BlueLivesMatter.

It’s worth noting that although police unions in Florida threatened to boycott running the overrated shrill, police still volunteered to show up and make sure the show went down peacefully. Personally I’m shocked and confused why Beyoncé didn’t just tour with the Black Panthers as security since she should obviously be much safer with them around her instead of the police.

Or right, she might be safer but none of the concert goers or general public would. Isn’t it interesting to also note the stark contrast between how one side makes its points with pointed but peaceful imagery while the other side prefers overturned cars and Molotov cocktails?

Hint: The same group that describes the latter also loves to throw around terms like “tolerance” while loving nothing more than degrading the former as bigoted, racist, –phobes.

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