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This Black Woman’s EMOTIONAL Video About Donald Trump Is SHATTERING the Anti-Trump Narrative

This woman is giving an inside look at the Trump family in this viral video — and it is completely shattering numerous claims that many of the #NeverTrump and Anti-Trump protesters are making. Watch the emotional video for yourself of this woman’s story. Do you believe she is being authentic?

The viral video by Trump executive Lynne Patton that refutes the notion that Donald Trump is a bigot and a misogynist began with dramatic events on the evening of March 17.

That is when Lara Trump, the wife of Donald Trump’s son Eric, opened a letter just before 7pm in the kitchen of the couple’s apartment on Central Park South in New York. To her horror, white powder spilled from the envelope onto the kitchen table.

Fearing for her life, Lara grabbed her keys and Charlie, the couple’s miniature Beagle, Lynne Patton tells Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview,  and ran the three blocks to Eric’s office on the 25th floor of Trump Tower.

By 7.15pm, New York City police and Emergency Services teams were swarming Eric’s office.

They seized Lara’s clothing and sent a team to their apartment to confiscate the envelope for testing. A note inside warned, ‘If your father does not drop out of the race, the next envelope won’t be a fake.’

Patton is not a member of the family, but she is treated as such. The 43-year-old is vice president of the Eric Trump Foundation and senior assistant to the Trump family.

It may surprise Trump naysayers that Patton is black.

One of the most trusted members of the Trump Organization, Patton is involved in identifying entities worthy of receiving millions of dollars of Trump money and is privy to Trump family members’ personal lives and confidential information. On a daily basis, she helps coordinate Eric’s, Don Jr’s, and Ivanka’s initiatives with their CEO father and his team.

After the harrowing evening at the office, Patton returned to her apartment, which she shares with longtime boyfriend Andrew Hayduk III, who owns a New York-based construction company. It was close to 1am. Unable to sleep and incensed by the attack, she began writing a 795-word letter.

‘As a black female executive at The Trump Organization, I can no longer remain silent about the repeated and reprehensible attempts to align my boss and his family with racist hate-mongering groups, campaigns, and messaging,’ she says.

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