BOOM: 13 States Just SLAMMED Obama With A EPIC Warning Over School Bathroom ‘Law’

Obama has stepped in to the bathroom bill debate — and believes that he can dictate what the entire country will be forced to allow. Although, he had another thing coming when these states stepped up to him and said, ‘Hell no!’

According to IJ Review, here are the states that are standing up to Obama’s sweeping actions:

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R):

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory says the U.S. Justice Department is displaying “overreach” by warning of legal action and the risk of losing federal funds unless a new state law aimed at transgender people is scrapped.

McCrory said Wednesday that the DOJ seems to be breaking new ground in claiming the North Carolina law violates Civil Rights Act protections against discrimination in education and the workplace.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R)

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R)

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R)

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange (R)

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (R)

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (R)

Now, even more states have stepped in to say ‘NO’ to Obama:

In addition, as of Friday afternoon, officials from eight states—West Virginia, Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Maine and North Carolina—have signed on to challenge an appeals court ruling that sided with a Virginia transgender student over bathroom access. (IJ Review)

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