CLASH POLL: Who Will WIN The Trump V. Sanders DEBATE?

Published on May 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump will go head to head in a debate, that is, if the TV network is willing to give a very large amount of money to women’s health charities. Who do you think is going to dominate in this debate?

Donald Trump confirmed on Thursday that he’s prepared to publicly debate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders – if a TV network is willing to send $10-15 million of its ad revenues from the event to women’s health charities.

‘I’d love to debate Bernie. He’s a dream,’ Trump said during a press conference on the margins of an oil and gas industry conference in North Dakota.

Sanders won’t likely be the Democrats’ presidential nominee and earn a spot in the official head-to-head debates in September and October.

But the one-of-a-kind event, which came up Wednesday night on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ could be a windfall for charity and help burnish Trump’s image.

‘I said last night on Jimmy’s show … I said I’d love to debate him but I want a lot of money put up for charity,’ Trump said Thursday at the Bismarck Events Center.

He said he would commit to the extracurricular debate ‘if we can raise – for maybe women’s health issues or something – if we can raise $10 million or $15 million for charity, which would be a very appropriate amount.’

‘I understand the television business very well and I think we’d get high ratings. It should be in a big arena somewhere. And we could have a lot of fun with it.’

For his part, Sanders said this afternoon at a Los Angeles town hall that he was eager to meet the billionaire so he could ‘hold him accountable for his outrageously bigoted remarks.’

‘I hope that one of the major networks will be prepared to sponsor that debate,’ Sanders said at the Revolt town hall, the first stop on today’s Southern California swing.

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