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Couple’s Photo Is MELTING The Internet… Can YOU Tell WHO Is WHO In This Pic In LESS Than 60 Seconds?

This picture may cause your brain to hurt. People everywhere are going crazy trying to figure out who is who in this picture of a couple embracing each other. What do YOU think? Scroll down to see the picture followed by the answer…

A photograph of a couple embracing has got the internet’s head in a spin as viewers try to figure out who is stood in front and who is behind.

In the image, it’s almost impossible to tell where the man ends and the woman begins as her legs appear to be in front of him but her torso is behind him.

The image has resurfaced this week after Reddit user Blood_Reaper uploaded it to Imgur. 

Captioned with ‘my brain hurts…’ it wasn’t long before other users were left equally puzzled by the picture.

34979B1900000578-3608980-image-a-40_1464186303339 (1)

Here were some of the comments from users who thought that they might have figured it out, or were completely confused:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 6.28.13 PM

At last, someone pointed out the reality of what was happening in the photo:


Did YOU get it right?

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