DEAR AMERICA: Do You ‘LIKE’ Hillary And Does Bill Make Her LESS Unlikable?


Hillary’s allies have a BIG concern about something that could cost her the entire election: no one likes her. Is this going to be what downs Hillary’s chances at the White House?

It turns out Barack Obama was wrong: Hillary Clinton isn’t likeable enough, some Democrats are fretting.

Top Democratic advisors and consultants are warning that the Democratic frontrunner’s chief obstacle is her own personality, or at least how voters perceive it, after a year of relentless criticism from right and left.

‘I bring it down to one thing and one thing only, and that is likability,’ Democratic pollster Peter Hart told the Washington Post, which collected a string of similar sentiments from Clinton allies.

Clinton’s likeability numbers are lower than they were at the start of the campaign, notwithstanding countless efforts by her team to boost her numbers through advertising, soft interviews, and warm chats in diners and living rooms around the country.

Her allies raise concerns that Clinton is ‘scripted and thin-skinned.’ That could be a problem going against a candidate as improvisational as Donald Trump.

‘She’s horrible at running, but she’s fantastic at governing,’ a longtime friend and supporter told the paper. ‘She will roll up her sleeves. That’s not just a campaign talking point.’

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