DEAR AMERICA: Will A CIVIL WAR Break Out If Trump’s Elected? (This Race-Baiter Thinks So)

Published on May 10, 2016

If Donald Trump gets elected, do you think that there will be mass chaos? Or do you think that he will bring order? According to this race baiter, a Trump Presidency would cause uproar and make the anarchists giddy. Do you think this is true?

Professional provocateur Shaun King of the New York Daily News won’t be happy until blood is running in the streets. The increasingly batshit Black Lives Matter activist and extreme leftist continues to use his establishment media forum to throw fuel on America’s smoldering racial fires. King – like other Trump-haters – just can’t fathom the concept that the people are lining up behind the all but certain GOP nominees ideas and his latest jeremiad predicts a civil war aka race war if Trump is sworn into office come January.

King’s call to arms is entitled “Why anarchists might secretly vote for Donald Trump”:

I believe Donald Trump is a dangerous, offensive, ill-prepared bigot who must never become President of the United States. That he has made it this far is a disgusting indictment on the heart and soul of our nation.

We can no longer conveniently blame the South for the rise of bigotry in America — Donald Trump won New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. He was crushing it in California before he became the presumptive nominee. He got this far because people voted him into power.

Now Paul Ryan and every living American President may refuse to support him, but Donald Trump is just one winning election away from having the nuclear codes.

As expected, Democrats are now falling for the same trap his 16 Republican opponents fell for. They are grossly underestimating just how much Trump resonates throughout the country — in part because his appeal just doesn’t make sense to them. Trump makes sense to millions, though.

He might also make sense to anarchists — who see a Trump presidency as a shortcut to mass chaos, protest, dissidence, and anger in our nation.

Imagine, for instance, that Trump wins and then attempts to make good on his pledge to “round up” 11 million undocumented immigrants in two years or less (that’s over 458,000 people per month) and drop them off in Mexico. What does this look like?

To me, it looks like a civil war in which millions of Americans begin hiding their friends and family members while armed police forces go door to door, car to car, searching for their daily quota of undocumented people to put on busses and trains to some unknown location.

Do you sincerely think this would be a peaceful endeavor? Do you sincerely believe that 11 million people will be rounded up in an orderly fashion and go willingly to some undisclosed location?

Now I would never vote for Donald Trump under any circumstance, but for people who may want to see this country devolve into a horrific state of mass chaos, I think they’re right — voting for Donald Trump would send our nation down a path unlike anything we’ve experienced here before. I think this is why white supremacists, armed militias, and hate groups are so enthusiastic about a Trump presidency — they see what anarchists see — the very real possibility of an ethnic, religious war in which even regular folk decide to choose a side.

Others have told me that they think President Donald Trump would need more Secret Service protection than Barack Obama. I could believe that.

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