DEAR PATRIOTS: Should The U.S. Make SHARIA Concessions To Get The Islamic Vote?

Published on May 3, 2016

Do you think that our country needs to be making concessions to Sharia law to gain the favor of Muslims? Or do you think this goes in contrast to American values?

Here’s what Sharia would look like:

SBS Dateline video journalist Patrick Abboud went inside Aceh where he gained unprecedented access to follow the man who is responsible for enforcing Sharia Law.

Abboud was invited along to Captain Ibrahim Latif’s street raids, where women are pulled over at a checkpoint and interrogated about their clothing.

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Those who were found to be in breach of the strict code are given three warnings, but repeat offenders didn’t get off so lightly and are subjected to a public caning.

Abboud said one woman was caned publicly for selling food during Ramadan, and as these pictures show her punishment is far from light.

For others it is even worse.

One policewoman told Abboud: “Women who wear tight clothes are inviting bad things to happen to them, such as rape. Actually, crime happens because we invite it.”

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Here is a video that features Muslims talking about who they would vote for in the upcoming election and why:

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