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DEAR PATRIOTS: Are You OK With RADICAL Muslims Educating YOUR Kids?

Looking of a reliable school where your children can learn without the risk of government subversion or just poor curriculum? Well, while you might naturally look to private schools as an alternative, it’s important to realize that some of them are just as bad or worse propaganda machines. Case in point, the reported 150 Turkish-Islamic based schools operating across America as you read this.

The Wall Street Journal reported on May 24th that a series of charter schools which have ties to a Turkish imam known as the Gulen Movement. There are as many as 50 of these schools, known there as “Harmony Schools” operating in Texas alone. Additionally, according to an interview Center for Security Policy President, Frank Gaffney held with Breitbart radio, there are as many as 150 more of these schools operating elsewhere in the U.S. and globally. “As a result of the Clintons allowing [imam founder Fethullah Gulen] into the United States some years ago, he is running a multi-billion-dollar enterprise,” told Breitbart. All of which, according to Gaffney facilitate a Muslim movement he describes as “kind of a Turkish Islamic supremacist cult.”

This so-called cult is potentially responsible for attracting thousands of families into what they believe is a superior Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) focused charter school. Unfortunately, the education the might be receiving could be laced with subversive pro-Islam propaganda.

But it gets even better. Guess who, according to Gaffney, is subsidizing this whole thing? If you guessed the U.S. government, congratulations you win a burqa! “The Gulenists have figured out that if they package this thing properly, they can go get these schools set up as charter schools, which means that the government basically pays for them.” Gaffney continued, They’ve used [the schools] as means of bringing in lots of Turks as teachers in these schools, in many cases violating the H1-B visa program.”

Now, why an Islamic cultist would even want to risk sneaking a bunch of cultist schools into Texas of all places is beyond me. However, if these reports are true it brings a whole other level of danger and harsh reality to the Islamic goal of worldwide submission or destruction. What’s worse in my mind, however, is the willingness of our government to hide behind bureaucracy to turn a blind eye to an Islamic force that is educating American children.

So thank Bill Clinton for allowing this train wreck in the first place and thank ‘ol Barry for empowering it.

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Thomas Holmes

Thomas Holmes is a noteworthy writer who always lampoons the lunatic left with his viral posts.

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