ISIS Encourages NEW Execution Style, Then This ‘COINCIDENTALLY’ Happened In BOSTON Last Night

Published on May 11, 2016

Is this too much of a coincidence to be unrelated to ISIS or a terrorist attack? In only the last few days there have been similar attacks in several places.

Not sure if any of this is connected, but it certainly is quite a coincidence. We note three stories on three consecutive days:

♦ Sunday, May 8th – “Sickening new pictures have emerged of a new form of ISISexecution – stabbing prisoners directly in the heart to kill them for their ‘crimes against the caliphate’”. (link)

♦ Monday, May 9th – GRAFING, Germany — A German man yelled “infidel, you must die” and “Allahu akbar” as he stabbed one person to death and wounded three others at a Bavarian train station Tuesday, but authorities said they’ve found no links to any Islamic extremist network. (link)

♦ Tuesday, May 10th – (last night) BOSTON – TAUNTON (CBS) – An off-duty officer shot and killed a man who allegedly stabbed two people to death during a rampage at two locations in Taunton Tuesday night.

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