The REAL Reason Why Socialists Hate Gun Owners

Written by Rob Morse on May 14, 2016

Socialists are desperate for a distraction. Gun control is just such a distraction… and nothing more. Hillary Clinton said she was an enemy of the NRA. In fact, the NRA is one of the groups Secretary Clinton is proudest to call an enemy. I’ve yet to hear a “gun control” proposal Secretary Clinton doesn’t support. I don’t think guns are the real issue. Clinton’s war on guns is simply smoke and mirrors to distract the voters and the media from failed Socialist policies.

The most violent cities in the US have been ruled by Socialists for decades. In contrast, the most gun friendly cities in the US rank as some of the safest places in the world. The problem isn’t guns. Here is what Hillary is trying to hide.

We’ve tried Socialism. It failed. Look across the US. Los Angeles, Saint Louis, Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore were once among the wealthiest cities in the US. Today, those cities are bleeding debt and people. These cities have been ruled by Socialists for decades. What happened?

To begin, these socialists piled regulations onto businesses. The excuse is public safety. The reality is political kickbacks. Just as each tax-break generates a political donation, so each new regulation generates a bribe political donation. That is why these cities are so corrupt, as business have to pay bribes to stay open. The politicians won, but the citizens lost as businesses closed.

Unemployment soared in these Socialist cites. Sure, people wanted to work, but Socialist politicians outlaw employment… unless the politicians got their cut. That is how Socialism works. That is the Chicago Way. Addiction soared as people medicated their despair.

Families broke up or never formed under the burden of unemployment and addiction. Single moms went on welfare… and stayed there. The only growth industries under President Barack Obama have been unionized government employees, and those on welfare and food stamps. The results are entirely predictable.

Crime soared. Gangs stepped in to raise and employ fatherless boys. No amount of law enforcement and social services can civilize a generation of fatherless children.

Are you going to believe political spin, or your own eyes? Look at the record. Socialism kills thousands of people in American cities each year. It is an election year, and Socialist politicians needed someone to blame… other than themselves. They blamed honest gun owners. I’m sorry, but gun laws don’t matter after you’ve destroyed a city.

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Image: Courtesy of Nathan Congleton @ Hillary Clinton via photopin (license)

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