Why Are #NeverTrumpers MAD At Trump When THEY Supported Rank Repubs For 20yrs?

Published on May 6, 2016

from Ed Kozak

Message for my fellow young conservatives and Republicans out there:

You might be a ‘cuck’ if…

You say “no real conservative” can vote for Donald Trump, who isn’t a *real* conservative, but happily voted for Bush, McCain, and Romney, neither of whom were or are *real* conservatives either.

You say no “conservative Christian” could vote for a twice-divorced atheist womanizer like Trump, but thought it was totally cool to vote for the active heretic Romney who supports gay adoption and has a record of flip-flopping on the pro-life issue.

You are freaking out more about the prospect of an unrefined, gruff opportunistic New York real estate developer being president than you were about the prospect of a demonstrably anti-white, anti-American communist sympathizer being president.

You’ve ever even considered using the word “racist” to describe anything Donald Trump has said whilst campaigning.

Look, guys. Do I love Trump? No. Do I wish someone else was the GOP nominee? Yes. But the basic fact is that for years y’all did nothing while the GOP was hijacked by people who were content to offshore American jobs and build the bones of a North American superstate, content to put Israeli interests over American interests, or both.

You’ve supported politicians and pundits who despite protesting the left and PC, buy into its very tenants. And you’ve supported people who are content in every circumstance to surrender to the left on social issues if it means the Dow Jones rises.

Basically, for your entire political life, you’ve claimed to be conservative and supported a party and politicians who aren’t. And now you dare have the audacity to complain that the presumptive GOP candidate isn’t a conservative? Where have you been the last 20 years?

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