Obama Just Revealed How BADLY He Wants to Be KING Instead of President

Written by Wes Walker on May 30, 2016

In my more cynical moments, I wonder if Obama is playing a game of Chicken with the American public.

Remember in those old movies, where teens in two cars speed directly toward each other in a test of nerves to see who will flinch first and veer out of the way. The winner is the one who doesn’t flinch. Is Obama playing his own political version of this game; trying to see how far he can go before the public says “stop”? Because they hardly ever do.

Those of us paying attention when he was still a Senator and candidate remember that he was ranked the most radically left of anyone else in office. His beliefs, his associations, and even his “Church” were radical. But when he ran for office, he pretended to be mainstream.

You may remember him voting to deny born-alive babies legal protection of medical care when he was still a Senator. But he ran as being an ordinary “pro-choice” candidate.

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He ran as supporting traditional marriage. But not only has he “Trojan Horsed” Same Sex marriage (despite originally being “against it”), he is now threatening economic sanctions (read: bullying) any State that doesn’t conform to his personal vision of Toilet rights. Using levers of power at his disposal to force compliance. (Like a king might.)

This Constitutional Expert (as some have ironically called him) habitually oversteps his lawful role in the Executive Branch, (like a king might) and dares anyone to stop him. Those who call him on it, and push back, are woefully few and far between.

What is his latest game of Chicken?

This Peace Prize recipient (have we already forgotten that embarrassment?) is closing his Presidency in much the same way that he began it. He is conducting an apology tour.

In visiting Japan, he had some things to say about American actions in WWII.

The same guy who championed the treaty setting Iran well down the path to joining the Nuclear Club is now urging the world to “forsake nuclear weapons”.

This is the same President that declared and justified military action against a foreign nation without Congressional approval. Remember? (Like a king might.)

For anyone keeping score, Obama promised to be different from that damnable, warlike George Dubya Bush. (Wasn’t that why he was awarded the Peace Prize?)

Well, he was certainly different — in many ways — but not by being less warlike. Obama recently became new the most warlike President. That is to say, he has now spent more time at war (in his Presidency) than any other President. Pick your favorite wartime President. Whichever one you picked, he was not at war for as long as this guy. But nobody in the official media says all that much about it. (They dare not displease their king.)

And now he (of all people!) lectures the world on peace. And war. And technology. And nuclear weapons.

The evils he spoke of in that speech did not include the murder of Chinese, American, as well as numerous island or coastal peoples overrun and enslaved by Japan’s attempt at Empire-building. It said nothing of their aggression against countries content to live at peace with them. Nor the wanton waste of Japanese lives in Kamikaze missions once the futility of continuing with their war was apparent. He mentioned only the mushroom clouds and the destruction launched by the technology that delivered them.

Perhaps he has not heard the arguments about how many lives on BOTH sides were saved by not waiting until Japan fought to the last able-bodied man. Or not heard about the leaflets dropped on many Japanese cities warning civilians in targeted cities to flee.

No. Obama described the day the bombs fell as “not the dawn of atomic warfare, but as the start of our own moral awakening”. Right. Because the guy who voted to deny medical treatment to helpless babies is morally superior to those who made the hard decision to drop Fat Man and Little Boy.

He believes himself the moral voice of the nation, yet has precious few morals himself. Perhaps this is what it was like to have Nero as Emperor. Maybe Obama really is playing political Chicken, testing what he can get away with. If so, maybe he’s doing it to find out whether America will tolerate a President who reigns as king.

If so, what are the results so far? America does tolerate a pseudo-king.

And even if you think everything he is doing is just swell, guess what? By your silence and encouragement of his overreach, you’re setting a precedent for the next President. Whichever party that President might hail from.

See the problem yet?

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