Obama Steps In to the Bathroom Bill Debate to Make UNBELIEVABLE Demand

Written by Thomas Holmes on May 13, 2016

Proving once again that he has no idea what the words “Republic” or “Democracy” mean -or just doesn’t care- President Obama pretty much gave the finger yesterday to North Carolina and the majority of Americans. According to The New York Times, Master of the Universe Obama declared that all public schools are now required to have “all gender” restrooms. Yup, you it.  Male and female restrooms within federally funded schools are now “bigoted”. All in the name of nonspecific Leftist buzzwords like “inclusion” with meaning that change whenever necessary.

The statement, part of a letter going out to schools today from the Department of Education, states that, “A school may not require transgender students to use facilities inconsistent with their gender identity or to use individual-user facilities when other students are not required to do so.” Technically this is a “guideline”, not a law. Of course, if a school decides the President is totally full of insanity and bloated power-grabbing, the government can withhold funding.

So in other words, it’s blackmail against public schools.  Thankfully, Obama’s daughters attend the private Sidwell Friends and won’t have to worry about this decree.

Understandably, expect plenty of articles once again accuse Obama of destroying democracy and obsessed with overturning basic social (and biological) fundamentals. Those articles are all correct, of course. But step back and consider that by flying waaayyy too close to the Marxist sun he may have just handed Donald Trump the election. Sure, conservatives have been frustrated with Obama from day one, but if Barry is the out-of-control Monster, than the Democratic leadership is the overmatched Dr. Frankenstein.

Like their lazy, power-bloated counterparts in the GOP, the Democratic Party only cares about their philosophy to the extent that it keeps them in power. Obama, on the other hand is obsessed with upheaving America in order to create a Leftist utopia from Her ashes.

Instead of that, however, all this “guideline” will do is further separate the poor children from everyone else. The money that Obama is threatening to withhold will mean no meals, buses and extra educational opportunities for schools that desperately need it across the country.  Plenty of State leaders and their constituents who sort of put up with Micelle Obama’s cardboard lunch program are not going to roll over to this White House bullying.

Sadly, this is yet another example of what happens when too many hands are held out for that “free money” the government likes to offer. D.C. get bigger while the rest of the country gets a taste of federal support dollars. Only later do too many people realize that they just gave the Feds all the leverage they need to force you to give up your freedom.

At the same time, Donald Trump improbably won the GOP nomination by tapping into this exact vein of frustration by running against Obama’s immigration and foreign policies. If Trump can continue to point out that Hillary will happily use our tax dollars to protect all the destruction Obama caused including this gender propaganda he might set a new vote record.

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