QUESTION: Who’s More ANNOYING … Mitt Romney Or Paul Ryan?

Written by Doug Giles on May 9, 2016


Who do you think has done more damage to make sure Hillary gets elected in November — Mitt or Paul? Or do you think they are both as equally annoying?

Romney recently met up with William Kristol, who is leading the effort to run a third party candidate against Donald Trump. Take a look…

In spite of his insistence that he will not run, Mitt Romney is being courted this week by a leading conservative commentator to reconsider and jump into the volatile 2016 presidential race as an independent candidate.

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William Kristol, the longtime editor of the Weekly Standard magazine and a leading voice on the right, met privately with the 2012 nominee on Thursday afternoon to discuss the possibility of launching an independent bid, potentially with Romney as its standard-bearer.

“He came pretty close to being elected president, so I thought he may consider doing it, especially since he has been very forthright in explaining why Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should not be president of the United States,” Kristol said in a phone interview Friday, during which he confirmed that he and Romney had a “little meeting in Washington.”

But knowing Romney’s reluctance, Kristol told Romney that if he remains unwilling to run, many top conservatives would appreciate having the former Massachusetts governor’s support for an independent candidate, should Kristol and other right-leaning figures enlist a willing contender.

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When Trump’s spokesperson Katrine Pierson was asked if she thought Paul Ryan should still be Speaker of the House, here’s what she said:

CNN: If the Republican speaker of the House does not come around to supporting the Republican nominee, do you think that Paul Ryan is still fit to be Speaker?

KATRINA PIERSON, TRUMP CAMPAIGN: No. Because this is about the party. You have to understand — the last two cycles we were told John McCain was a conservative, he is not a conservative, his Conservative Review score card is 37%. We were told Mitt Romney a conservative, and he was pro-abortion… gave us Obamacare, we were told to hold our noses and vote for the sake of the party. These same people are now telling us that because their guy didn’t win they want to hurt the party…

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