Radical Leftist INSULTS Cop in Uniform — His Response Left Everyone SPEECHLESS

With the flood of hatred being aimed at police officers by #BlackLivesMatter and the media that caters to the hate group, what this officer did is making people everywhere cheer.

When he was insulted by a radical leftist protester, he responded in the best way possible on his Facebook page.

You’re going to love this…

“The other day a very radical young man asked me how I could look in the mirror and face myself because of what I do for a living. Knowing how indoctrinated he was I ignored his ignorance.

Then today I looked in the mirror as I got dressed to police the streets of Skid Row.

I know what many think of as I don my uniform. I know as soon as I suit up, I will be hated, I will be taunted, I will be baited, I will be slandered.

But that’s okay. I know who I am. In spite of the hate and irrationally of today’s times, I will always be a man of honor, integrity, faith and concern for the people I serve.

I don’t need to love me. I just need you to know that if you need my help, regardless of how you feel, I will be there for you, along with most of the 650,000 men and women nation wide who feel the same way.

Not looking for applause. I’m looking to help and make positive change. I’m a peace officer. I am proud of that and how I have served.”


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