HOW THE REPUBLICAN PARTY Abdicated to Donald Trump

Written by Rob Morse on May 8, 2016

Barack and the Socialists screwed up the economy in a big way. The Republicans should have been able to walk into the 2016 election and own every contest. The Republican elites fed their own indulgences instead. This is how they snatched Trump from certain victory.

The Economy — Obama and the Socialists crushed small employers with Obamacare. Obama used the Environmental Protection and the Bureau of Land Management to satisfy his green environmental donors. Miners, manufacturers, farmers and ranchers would have to get out of Obama’s way… or else. A competent college freshman could have straightened out that economic mess. Instead of fixing the Socialist’s mess, the republicans let Obama slide, and entrenched Republicans used Obama’s mismanagement as a way to get donations from US manufacturers.

The rest of us were watching our employers begin layoffs.

Immigration — US manufacturers wanted cheap labor. The Socialist needed immigrants to pad the welfare rolls and voter rolls. That combination gave us today’s open border policy. Again, the Republicans caved in to special interests.

The rest of us were left working as contractors.

The Budget — We were encouraged when Congressman Paul Ryan replaced John Boehner as Speaker of the House. That didn’t last but a few months until Ryan and the Elitist Republicans shoved through the biggest budget in US history. All those kickbacks cost money, you know.

By now, the rest of us were left training our replacements.

National Security — The republicans could have pushed back on open borders. They could have demanded that we close the borders to protect US citizens from terrorists. Not too long ago, terrorists murdered US citizens at a California Christmas party… and Obama blamed guns. The Republicans remained silent and never came to the defense of US firearms owners.

The rest of us were left working part time at odd jobs.

Trust — There was another thing that Obama and the Socialists took from us. They took our trust in government. So did the Republican Elites. Republican Majority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, and Republican Speaker of the House, Congressman Paul Ryan, often used votes from the Socialists to fund Planned Parenthood and Open Borders. We were shown, over and over, that any government power will be abused to the benefit of senior politicians. The Republicans were right there with Obama.

The rest of us were left taking money out of our savings to pay the bills.

You would think that voters would flock to small government advocates like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Maybe, but Elite Republicans attacked their reputation. The Republican Elites poisoned that well. The truth is, we don’t trust politicians any more.

Trump said he heard our complaints. Trump listened rather than made excuses for the Republican Elites. Trump is exactly the political response that the Republicans built, brick by brick, lie by lie, and betrayal after betrayal. Trump is the unlikely messenger made possible by Republican insiders.

Look at the results from the last election. Republican voters wanted to be heard in 2014. They handed Republicans a majority in both Congress and the Senate. Republican politicians abdicated their leadership. Obama then filled that political vacuum.

Republican Elites gave away certain victory in 2016. The Republican motto is that it is better to go down in defeat than deliver smaller government. Their reasoning is simple. The major donors to the Republican Party don’t make money with smaller government. The Republican Elites were true to their donors rather than their voters. Time to learn a new tune, guys. We are not buying it any more.

We’re not without sympathy for the Republican Elites.

We know what it is like to lose your job.

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