Rock Band Who SURVIVED Paris Attacks Gets DROPPED from Festival Because Of Their…

This is political correctness that is completely out of control. After surviving the Paris terrorist attacks done by ISIS at the Bataclan, the Eagles of Death Metal have been dropped from festival lineups because of their outspoken support for one thing: guns. Check it out…

The rock band Eagles of Death Metal was performing in Paris when armed terrorists gunned down 130 unarmed innocents on November 13. Now, French music festivals are dropping the band for speaking out against gun control.

At least two festivals, Le Cabaret Vert and Rock en Seine, have decided to nix the Eagles of Death Metal from their lineup.

On February 14, Breitbart News reported that Eagles of Death Metal lead singer Jesse Hughes said that since the Paris terrorist attack, he does not go anywhere without a gun. AFP quoted Hughes saying, “I don’t go anywhere in America without a gun anymore. That sucks. And I’m not paranoid. I’m not a cowboy … but I wanna be prepared.” Hughes is also a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

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