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HOW SWEET: The Folks Who Gave Us An UNVETTED Marxist President WILL Vet Trump

Do you trust the people who ‘vetted’ Obama and his Marist roots to now vet Donald Trump’s life? What could possibly go wrong?

The Washington Post – WaPo – has assigned 20 reporters to screen every area of Donald Trump’s past according to comments made by Bob Woodward on Wednesday.

“There’s a lot we don’t know,” Woodward told the National Association of Realtors convention, according to The Washington Examiner. “We have 20 people working on Trump, we’re going to do a book, we’re doing articles about every phase of his life.”

Woodward himself is looking into Trump’s real estate deals, he said, saying that “The New York real estate world is more complex than the CIA.”

Where was Woodward when Obama was nominated? Why didn’t we know about his past such as his communist family, his radical communist mentor, his career as a sometimes ACORN activist, his association with communist Bill Ayers and so on?

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