Trump Gets NRA Endorsement … Then Says Something That’s Making Liberal Heads EXPLODE

Published on May 20, 2016

Speaking at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum today, Trump made a YUGE campaign promise that has Second Amendment supporters cheering. Would you like to see this happen?

( – Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump told attendees at the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action’s (NRA-ILA) Leadership Forum in Louisville, Ky., on Friday that he will get rid of “gun-free zones” as president.

“We’re getting rid of gun-free zones, okay? I can tell you. We’re getting rid of them,” Trump told the audience.

Trump cited the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks as examples of mass shootings which could have been avoided or the loss of life reduced if people there were able to defend themselves with a gun.

“So often we talk about Paris or we talk about San Bernardino, and nobody had guns,” Trump said, adding that Paris in particular is probably the toughest place in the world to have a gun.

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