Remember The Times When America Was The Shining City on a Hill?

Written by Larry Usoff on May 31, 2016

This is how most fairy tales and bedtime stories for little children begin. Let’s see how we may apply that phrase now.

Once upon a time the United States was the shining city on the hill…a place that many legally emigrated to because of the opportunities. It was THE power among powers and yet it was the most devoted to peace. It was, and still is, where the governmental power is peacefully transferred every four years, or at least has an opportunity to do so. We should keep in mind, however, that the United States, once a colony of Great Britain fought a war to rid themselves of a government just like the one we have in the Obama administration. Will the American people become so fed up with the type of government that is now running the country, and rise up in some sort of revolution? We’ll sit back and wait and see on that one.

Once upon a time men went into a restroom that said “Gents”, “Men” or by some graphic, indicated that it was for men. Women went into a restroom that said “Women” or “Ladies” or by some graphic that indicated it was for women. Now here comes the crowd that THINKS they are something other than what they gender were born and nut-jobs in private business and government say they can use whatever restroom they want, because now they think or feel they’re a different gender. Once upon a time women used to take their small children into the bathroom with them…even boys. So it wasn’t uncommon to see a small child waiting patiently for his or her mother to finish what she had to do. Nowadays with grown men going into women’s restrooms, would you take a small child in there, and leave him or her alone…for even a minute? Back in August, in Jacksonville, Florida, two small boys went into the restroom at a McDonalds…their mother used the “buddy system” but it didn’t work. One of the boys was assaulted …this particular story has a relatively good ending because they caught the rapist. Not all stories like this end this well.

Once upon a time, around 1939 or 1940 the United States Army trained with broomsticks for rifles, automobiles for tanks, used what equipment they had from The Great War, and had a complement of about 450 thousand troops. Under the current administration, which is drawing down all of the services because of budget constraints, the Army is expected to bottom-out at 420 thousand troops, just slightly below the pre-war level. Considering that these draw-downs place the United States in a position of jeopardy, how can it be justified that we are still giving money in foreign aid to countries that, at best, just tolerate us? What does it mean to the average citizen that our military may be under-manned to the point where it couldn’t defend the homeland, much less wage a successful war on foreign soil?

Once upon a time it seemed that the entire “free” world wanted to emigrate to the United States and, to a large degree that’s still the same. The only difference is that now we have a problem of illegal aliens walking across a seemingly non-existent border. Along with the illegal aliens who may be coming here for employment are probably people that have the destruction of the United States as their goal. From video clips shown on television it would seem that even high metal fences are not the whole answer to keep unwanted people from entering. There are other, workable, solutions to the border problem but few in the Washington hierarchy are inclined to listen to them because they WANT those illegal aliens here. Those illegal aliens will, if Democrats have their way, eventually gain or be granted citizenship and they will most likely vote for the party that brought them in and gave them the power to bite the hand that fed them. You only need to look to California to see the handwriting on the wall. In that state illegal aliens can have a driver’s license which, in most instances, is the key document to getting the rest of whatever is available, including voting.

Once upon a time, and it wasn’t that long ago, Americans spoke up when they decided that something was wrong…and the dissentions were peaceful, but meaningful. Nowadays the protests are loud, violent and meaningless because many of the young people involved have no idea what they are protesting about, or for. They don’t know what Socialism is, they have no clue as to how the government works, only that they want to change it, and if you ask them about something of a historical nature you probably will get a blank stare or a giggle. Yeah…once upon a time, but that’s just a bedtime story’s beginning and I certainly hope the United States is not being tucked into bed for a long sleep. Wake up, America, your country needs you…desperately.

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Larry Usoff
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