VIDEO: Trump-Sign Stealing Idiot Gets Confronted by LOGICAL Ass-Kicking (He NEVER Saw This Coming!)

Published on May 24, 2016

This anti-Trump protester who was stealing Trump signs got confronted by a logical person — and did NOT expect how the conversation would end. This is exactly how you deliver a very large dose of common sense, truth, and logic to someone who has none. Watch below:

A young anti-Trump activist was confounded when asked to back up his claim that the presumptive Republican nominee is racist and all things inherently evil.

The young man was approached while stealing Trump campaign signs along a busy street.

“I hate Donald Trump. He’s literally, basically Hitler,” he said with a Trump sign in hand. “He’s doing the same thing that Hitler did, well, in a different way.”

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Literally, basically”?  “Same” but “different“?

And so it goes for the rest of the amazing confrontation where the kid can’t seem to grapple with what he wants so badly to believe and that pesky thing called reality.

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