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WATCH: Baltimore Protesters SCREAM Profanities at Freddie Gray Cop — Didn’t Realize ONE Thing

As police officers attempted to escort Officer Nero, who was cleared of all charges in the Freddie Gray case, out of the courtroom, you can see protestors shouting profanities. Although, they didn’t realize one thing about the person they were shouting at: it was wasn’t actually the Officer — but they were too ignorant to tell the difference.

Watch the video below:

There was a large police presence when a man, believed to be Nero, left the courthouse on Monday morning.

But it turned out the man was a member of Nero’s family. Members of the media started running towards him when he left the courthouse, prompting others to follow.

Nero actually left in a separate vehicle a short time later.

Prosecutors had said the 30-year-old unlawfully arrested Gray without probable cause and was negligent when he didn’t buckle the prisoner into a seat belt.

Nero opted for a bench trial rather than a jury trial.

Read more: Daily Mail

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