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WATCH: Journalist Said He’d ‘EAT HIS WORDS’ If Trump Won The Nomination … LITERALLY

This is the moment when a Washington Post #NeverTrumper ate his own words…literally. Do you think that he did the right thing by following through with his promise?

A political journalist was forced to literally eat his own words after slamming Donald Trump’s presidential prowess.

Dana Milbank dined on all 18-inches of his Washington Post column after writing in October that he would ‘eat his words’ if Trump won the Republican nomination.

In a video shared on the Post’s Facebook page, Milbank is seen tucking into a specially prepared eight-course meal, with many of the dishes having a Mexican theme.

The dishes, prepared by Victor Albisu, the chef at the Del Campo restaurant in Washington, were no doubt a nod to Trump’s wall-building Presidential promise to keep out Hispanic immigrants from entering the U.S.

On Milbank’s menu was ceviche de barrio chino, which included newspaper crusted calamari, newspaper chilaquiles in salsa verde, lamb birria tacos and taco bowl, filet o’fish with newspaper tartae sauce, ell done newspaper smoked wagyu steak, spicy ground newspaper and pork dumplings, brilled newspaper falafel and finally newspaper brewed Cuban coffee.

He washed down his meal with a glass of Trump brand sauvignon blanc.

Read more: Daily Mail

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