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WATCH: Liberal Says Trump Complimenting A Woman Is WORSE Than Bill RAPING Women

The Left and Hillary supporters are about as illogical as they come. Watch as this Hillary supporter goes on a rant against Trump and even says something so outrageous that your jaw might drop.

On CNN today, Clinton fan-girl and political commentator Angela Rye had to come to Bad Boy Billy’s defense in the worst possible way. She could have just admitted that Bill Clinton is horrible abuser of women and Hillary is a fraud for sticking with him, but that is not an option for the die-hard left. Instead, she actually tried to make a point that Donald Trump complimenting a woman was worse than Bill Clinton raping and sexually assault several women.

After Rye tried to attack Trump for even sillier things like he believes his daughter is not ugly, Loudo hit back with this:

“I think what it reprehensible is you take someone like Hillary Clinton, who has basically danced on the assault of the women — dozens of women, by the way — that her husband has maligned and assaulted. I wish Hillary would come to the defense of these women,” said Loudo.

This set Rye off completely and she angrily shot back:

“You cannot continue to say that Hillary Clinton does not stand up for women who are sexual assault survivors and have been brutalized and victimized. You cannot continue to put the behavior of her husband on her and at her feet. You just can’t continue to do this,” yelled Rye.

“We know that Donald Trump will continue to call her an ‘enabler’ and I am just dying to know what he would call his three wives based on his behavior?” Rye finished.

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