WTF: Major LIBERAL Website Thinks The HIJAB Is Wonderful For Women

Published on May 13, 2016

Do you think that this website would be saying the same thing if Christian women were wearing the hijab? It would probably be very different. Although, they choose to shamelessly promote Islam. Check this out.

The Huffington Post published an article Wednesday entitled, “The Beautiful Reasons Why These Women Love Wearing A Hijab.” In publishing propaganda like this, the Huffington Post would be in danger of losing its credibility — that is, if it had any.

They are relentless proselytizers for Islam, and their imperative to cover for and spread jihad goes into overdrive after every deadly jihad attack.


Wednesday’s article has them on a hijab jihad. In the article, “The Huffington Post asked women from all over the Internet to show just how beautifully diverse the hijab can be using the hashtag #HijabToMe.” This was followed by photo after photo of Muslimas in headwraps. How is that beautifully diverse? Their heads are all covered. They’re all subjugated.

Why is the Huffington Post ramming the hijab down our throats? No one is stopping these Muslimas from wearing the hijab. The hijab is a political statement, not a religious mandate. Mark Steyn says in his book America Alone that “there is no evidence that any Muslim woman anywhere ever wore the jilbab before the disco era, when it was taken up by the Muslim Brotherhood and others in the Arab world. It is no more ancient and traditional than platform shoes, bell bottoms, and cheesecloth shirts.”

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