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YO, MEDIA: SEAL Drops Truth BOMB On Trump’s Muslim Ban… Why Are You SILENT?

What this Navy SEAL just said has the media going nuts. He reveals that Trump isn’t backing down one bit on his proposed policy about Muslim immigration.

After presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump expressed his willingness last week to be “flexible” in regard to his Muslim ban, critics accused him of backtracking. But according to former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, they were wrong.

“That whole ban was a broad statement to cover an initial problem,” Higbie said Thursday on Newsmax. “Look, the problem I believe is Islam as a whole.”

“Great … OK … now we’ve narrowed it down to what a closer problem is, the Syrian refugees,” he continued. “So, he’s reconsidered the ban.”

The former Navy SEAL’s point was that Trump did not backtrack on his Muslim immigration ban proposal — he simply modified it to make it more relevant and enforceable.

“He’s moving down to what the problem is — and as we get more fine-tuned, we can take this down to something that’s actually really easily enforceable and really good for the American public,” Higbie explained.

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