You’ll FREAK When You See Where THIS Public School Is Giving $471K To

Written by Thomas Holmes on May 17, 2016

In the annals of all-time questionable spelling errors, or perhaps Freudian Slips, the Milwaukee public school system may have made the most egregious.

Local radio station WISN 1130AM first reported that the county’s proposed budget somehow included $471,000,000 for “Black Lives Matter”.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 6.19.44 PM

County spokesman, Tony Tagilavia, jumped on on Monday to assure people that it’s all just a silly ‘misunderstanding:”. No money is going to the controversial, anti-police, race-baiters.

“The specific expenditures…are for three ‘social studies’ teachers.”

Mr. Tagilavia told Fox. Mr. Tagilavia also confirmed that this will include a cultural studies curriculum – which if you’re old enough to remember when these propaganda agendas replaced actual civics class, “cultural studies” not only describes social studies class pretty well, but it’s just a far quieter description of what Black Lives Matter is really all about.

Manipulating the good behind racial equality to camouflage attacking the Republic in favor of centralized power.

The Milwaukee County school system has a dire history of questionable budget practices and poor educational results and regardless of what the wording in this budget line item is, the explanation of a curriculum to “focus on racial disparities” doesn’t sound like it’s siding on the “education” side of propaganda vs. education.

In fact, calling the Black Lives Matter labeling a Freudian Slip is not more plausible than an actual ‘misunderstanding” logical but the only regret the District probably has is in getting caught.

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