ANOTHER Shooting In a Gun Free Zone Ends with Two DEAD In UCLA Murder-Suicide

Published on June 1, 2016

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One of the most liberal universities in America just got hit with a horrific tragedy on campus — and guess what was used to stop him? That’s right, police officers with guns. Do you think this could have been prevented without a gun free zone?

Two people have been shot dead in a murder-suicide at the University of California Los Angeles this morning, according to police.

Two male victims were found dead from gunshot wounds inside a small office in an engineering building on the UCLA campus alongside a weapon, LAPD chief Charlie Beck said.

Hundreds of armed officers, SWAT teams, FBI agents and firefighters rushed to the campus at around 10am to reports of at least three shots fired while students were put on lockdown and told to shelter in place.

Police sources told the LA Times that it appears a student shot a professor in a room on the fourth floor before turning the gun on himself.

Beck declared the campus safe around two hours later, though police remained on site for a short while clearing students from classrooms in Boelter Hall one by one to ensure a second suspect wasn’t hiding among them.

Beck said the bodies of the men were found alongside a weapon and what could be a suicide note, but would not go into more detail.

The identities of the shooter and victim have not been released, police have not revealed the relationship between the pair nor discussed what the motive for the attack could have been.

UCLA students are currently preparing for final exams, with many having to be cancelled because of the lockdown earlier today.

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