The Anti-Trump Rioters Are NOT Against Trump — Just Look at this Chilling FLYER!

Written by Wes Walker on June 11, 2016

It is time we stop calling them “Trump Protesters”. They are the first to say they are not responding to Trump.

As political agitators, they have said in their own literature “But this fight is not about elites and politicians. It is not about Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, or even Donald Trump for that matter.”

The rhetoric is violent. It is aggressive. It is seeking to whip up sentiment and rage against a particular enemy. It explicitly holds up San Diego as an example to be imitated.

It frames its enemy as white supremacist and fascist that it may draw attention away from its own racially-motivated quasi-marxist aims. It uses the festering wounds so badly inflamed by two terms of cynical race-baiting as cover and justification for their movement. Grudges turned to hate by the constant academic scapegoating of people born “white”.

In their own literature, they encourage violence. They oppose free speech (and reject the right of peaceable assembly) of those they have names as their opponents. They use the language of fear and hate, together with overheated rhetoric about concentration camps. They use the image of the clenched black fist and political images that would have fit in neatly with Stalin’s propaganda campaigns.

The two-sided flyer has some pretty twisted rhetoric. Here are a few quotes:

“…this country doesn’t just condone white supremacy — it celebrates it. Elites are opposed to Trump not because he’s a break from the status quo, but rather because he presents the status quo a bit too honestly for their taste.”

(Let’s forget for a moment that running against the Democrats’ 3 white candidates were 17 Republicans including Carson, Rubio besides the eventual runner-up, Ted Cruz.)

“Though Trump himself is nothing but a charlatan and political opportunist, the resurgent fascist movement he is inspiring is deathly real.  Focussing on electing the “right” candidate completely misses the point. Even if Trump loses the fascist movement will simply not go away. It will be stronger than ever. And it will be angry. // Militant opposition is the only way to deal with fascists.

”No matter what the establishment says, we have no obligation to respect the ‘rights’ of those who deny our humanity. It is of paramount importance that we get organized and remain vigilant, ready to smash white supremacy wherever it appears. They have promised us violence and we must promise them the same.” (Emphasis added)


I’m no lawyer, but let me just ask: if this pamphlet were a screed written by a white guy with a hate on towards black people, offering words that would encourage violence against people for no other named reason than the color of their skin, if that pamphlet had a phone number, an email, and a Facebook profile, how long would it be before such a person were standing trial for inciting a riot?

The people inciting these acts need to be held accountable. Not only should they face criminal charges relating to the inciting of violence (where possible), but there is something else they should face. When damages are incurred in the future as a result of rioting, maybe we can look into class action lawsuits for those who called for the riots in the first place.

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