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Bill Maher Is TOUGHER On Islam Than The NUTLESS Republicans Are

Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for their reactions to Brexit. Bill Maher just put them in their place and it’s epic. Do you agree with him?

Responding to claims that the “Brexit” vote was fueled by “xenophobia” in Britain, HBO’s Bill Maher asked a thought-provoking question of his panel: “Is it really phobia if you have something to be afraid of?”

Maher noted that 52 percent of British Muslims believe being gay should be illegal, according to a poll.

“What percentage of American Republicans believe that? Can we deport them?” liberal commentator Paul Begala replied.

Maher immediately pushed back.

“They think it should be illegal?” Maher asked incredulously.

“Sure,” Begala replied.

“That’s bulls**t, Paul,” Maher said. “Stop it.”

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