BREAKING: Guess WHO #Orlando Killer VOWED To Support For PRESIDENT?

Take WILD guess who the Orlando terrorist was a supporter of — if you watch MSNBC or CNN, you would think he was a Trump supporter. But here is the truth:

Omar Mateen: Orlando shooter. Terrorist. Islamic extremist. Hillary Clinton supporter.

That’s right, in one of the least-reported aspects of the Orlando terror attacks, it seems that Omar Mateen #WasWithHer. A piece in The Washington Post, written by a member of Mateen’s former mosque who reported him to the FBI, claimed that Mateen was a supporter of the presumptive Democrat nominee for president.

The article by Mohammed A. Malik was published Monday. It is, in many respects, another hate-conservative piece (predictably, even though he has scarcely anything to do with the story, the first two words of the article are “Donald” and “Trump”).

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