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BREAKING: Wannabe Trump Assassin Was Here ILLEGALLY And His Mother WARNED Authorities But …

New details have emerged about the man who attempted to kill Donald Trump at one of his rallies in Las Vegas. You won’t believe what authorities told his mother when she contacted them before the incident.

The father of a British man accused of trying to assassinate Donald Trump today revealed his ‘insular’ son had travelled to America to be with his girlfriend but had gone off the rails.

Michael Steven Sandford, who appeared in court on Monday, tried to grab a police officer’s gun and wanted to shoot the billionaire Republican presidential candidate on Saturday.

His father Paul Davey told MailOnline he has no idea why his son would attempt to shoot the billionaire presidential candidate and claimed someone must have put the vulnerable boy ‘up to it.’

He also claims that he and Steven’s mother Lynne told American authorities they were worried about Sandford but officials failed to act upon it.

He said: ‘He’s been refusing to come back and we were worried about him, we were in contact with the American Embassy telling them we were worried about him. The American authorities said “he’s over 18 we can’t do anything”.

Sandford loved Robot Wars as a teenager and even bought a machine that was successful in the show, but gave up the hobby because the noise and crowds made him anxious.

Mr Davey said: ‘He’s never shown any violent tendencies before, he’s never been a bad person, he’s a nice kid and literally wouldn’t hurt a fly – he used to tell us not to use fly spray because he didn’t want any flies to die.’

Sandford was arrested at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino on Saturday after going for a metro police officer’s gun.

The 20-year-old, who is originally from Surrey and was carrying a UK driver’s licence, had been living illegally for 18 months in New Jersey after his visa expired and had been sleeping in his car.

A secret service report said Sandford told officers he had been planning the Vegas assassination for around 12 months and believed he would die in the process.

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