Cartoonist PERFECTLY Depicts How Numbnuts REACTS When Terrorists Attack America


Obama doesn’t skip a beat in blaming Christians, the NRA, and Republicans for tragedies that take place in America — especially in the case of the Orlando shooter. Do you think that Obama is blatantly lying or do you think that he is clueless and dumb?

A terrorist whose loyalty was sworn to a murderous adversary of the United States opened fire on a nightclub full of innocent civilians, so of course Democrats leaped into action and blamed law-abiding Americans who had absolutely nothing to do with the atrocity in any way.

There’s nothing new about that – the Democrats are a totalitarian party, interested primarily in their own power and agenda. They see everything through a lens of ideology that permits only certain politically-useful villains to be blamed for everything bad that happens. They’ll never admit that leaders like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been catastrophically wrong about national security. They’ll never consider any solution, to any problem, that doesn’t involve the government growing larger, under their control.

Blaming misfortune on designated scapegoats, no matter how clearly they were innocent of any responsibility, is a fascist trait, and the modern Left is moving past the “flirting with fascism” stage, into steady dates and heavy petting. Blaming Republicans, Christians, and the NRA for the murderous deeds of an Islamist terrorist isn’t much different from the way earlier fascists blamed everything on their preferred scapegoats, the constant demons haunting their ideology.

Another principle that remains constant is the notion that politicized murder is directed by organized forces larger than the shooter. It’s just a question of which forces one chooses to blame, which lines of influence one traces from the killer to a larger ideological network. Of course, lives and destinies depend on tracing the right network.

Liberals who are trying to use the Orlando attack as a weapon against conservatives and gun owners are essentially saying that Omar Mateen was wrong about which network he belonged to, and which ideology motivated him. Never mind what he said, and what he evidently dedicated a good deal of his adult life to. Instead, let the Left explain which hands were really pulling his puppet strings.

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Doug Giles

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