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CHRISTIAN: Do You Believe JESUS Wants You To Help Build A MOSQUE In The US?

by Pastor Carl Gallups
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

From Pastor Carl Gallups: Have any of you by chance written to the SBC’s Mr. Dan Darling ( about the Southern Baptists assisting in the building of a MOSQUE in New Jersey?

Did you know that some Baptists are now coming together to help build a Mosque in New Jersey? Do you think that Jesus would want you to do this?

Religious freedom has become synonymous with division in the United States thanks to a rash of controversial state laws creating tension between conservative religious groups and LGBT rights.

Corporations and gay rights groups have squared off against states and cities where such measures have been proposed or passed. At the same time longstanding theological and cultural divisions between faith groups have been widened even further.

Now a legal dispute between a Muslim community and a New Jersey township is showing a different side of inter-Christian relationships. Baptist and other Christian organizations accustomed to cultural and legal sparring have joined the fight for the construction of a new mosque.

“It’s good when we can join hands with … folks we are sometimes on the other side of,” said Brent Walker, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

Those folks include the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and the International Mission Board, both agencies of the Southern Baptist Convention. The National Association of Evangelicals is also supporting the mosque-building case.

Read more: Baptist News

I have been corresponding with them for days. They WILL NOT give me a direct answer to the below questions as of today [Friday, June 5 — editor]. I thought you would find this interesting.

Please let me know what results you are getting. Here is what I am asking them:


Mr. Dan Darling,

Let me make this as simple as possible so that your answer should take no more than 3 minutes to prepare. Especially, if you are convicted that the SBC is on solid, contextually biblical ground in this matter.

Pastor Carl Gallups

1. Will the SBC officially join unbelievers in legally assisting a Satanic Temple or a Wicca Church to go up in an American community against the wishes of that community and the legal zoning entities of that community? YES or NO

2. Should the SBC align itself with ungodly groups for the purpose of building “temples” to idols (Islam)? YES OR NO

3. Should the SBC now recall all its missionaries to Islamic nations – since it is THEIR goal to win Muslims to Christ and get them OUT of the Mosques? YES OR NO

4. Are our international missionaries assisting in building mosques ANYWHERE else in the world? YES OR NO

5. Can you imagine in any scriptural context, the early New Testament church assisting the Roman Empire in the building of MORE pagan temples in the name of “religious liberty”?

YES (where?) or NO



Take a look at what this Georgia Baptist official is now saying.

Image:; public domain

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