CHRISTIANS AND DONALD TRUMP: Beware of the Snake and His Snake Oil

Written by Allan Erickson on June 28, 2016

Wayne Root, a conservative Christian who has written brilliantly about the deficiencies of the current President, urges us to enthusiastically support Donald Trump because it is the 11th hour, we are facing utter ruin, and Trump is God’s appointed warrior for this time and place, called up to save America. Root shared his perspectives June 24 in a column titled, “A Message for Christians about Donald Trump.

This largely sums up Root’s presentation: “Maybe God is trying to tell us something important — that now is not the time for a “nice Christian guy” or a “gentleman” or a typical Republican powder puff. Maybe now is the time for a natural born killer, a ruthless fighter, a warrior.”

Reading the column one finds the word “maybe” used about 20 times. Maybe Root isn’t as passionate about Trump as he claims.

Further on, Root states that Trump is our “energy,” our “strength,” and our “battleship”, that with him we will mount up with wings as eagles, run and not grow weary. Root even invokes Isaiah 40:30-31. If memory serves, that passage tells us God (not Trump) gives us supernatural stamina. Ascribing to Trump these god-like powers exceeds even Trump’s estimation of his abilities. If God loves the humble especially, it is difficult to understand how he would anoint the arrogant, wholeheartedly.

It is unclear how Root concludes Christians opposed to Trump prefer a “nice guy” or a “gentleman” or a “powder puff,” and it is impossible to understand how we can agree with him it’s good to recommend a “natural born killer, a ruthless fighter.” Nowhere does Jesus Christ recommend nice guys, wimps or murderers. Come to think of it Jesus never endorsed a politician, so far as we know, preferring our focus center on the Kingdom and Heaven and lost souls.

No Mr. Root, Christians who decline supporting Mr. Trump are not “missing the boat” as you say. Perhaps we are refusing to be railroaded by a man as unqualified and deceitful as the current President you so carefully criticize.

For us it is not about putting our faith in a mere man, especially one with glaring issues. Instead our faith is in the One who does not change with every shift in popular opinion. Indeed, He is the Rock of Ages who does not change. Let us remember, God allowed Saul to become King because the people demanded a king, one that failed everyone in the end, whereas David was truly appointed and anointed.

Furthermore, if indeed America requires a warrior, let it be a real warrior, not one that avoided the draft, preferring conquest in the bedroom to the fight on the battlefield.

Finally, we are told Trump must beat Clinton in November or the country is completely lost. Well, two things appear true: Trump will most likely lose even if all Cruz voters shift; and all is not necessarily lost if Clinton gets elected.

Maybe God is allowing that great evil to teach us important lessons, among them, the dangers of listening to the Snake and his oily salesman, and stupidity of allowing great candidates to be trashed by people like Donald Trump and natural born killers in media.

photo credit: Donald Trump via photopin (license)

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Allan Erickson
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