DEAR AMERICA: Obama Is CONSIDERING Making This Bar a ‘HISTORICAL Monument’ — Do You AGREE?

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Obama is still at work in his ‘fundamental transformation’ of America. Just when you thought he couldn’t take the gay agenda any further, he proved you wrong. Here’s the latest move from BHO:

The White House on Tuesday declined to say whether President Obama will name a New York bar known as the birthplace of the gay pride movement as the country’s first national monument honoring LGBT rights.

“I don’t have any updates on presidential designations — we’ll obviously keep you posted,” presidential press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters today in response to a question about the bar’s designation.

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According to media reports, the president is holding listening sessions with the LGBT community as he considers designating the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village and an adjoining park as the first LGBT rights monument. The bar is the site of a 1969 police raid of the gay bar, which was a common police practice at the time.

In the 1969 raid, the patrons fought the police and the clash touched of riots now considered the flashpoint for the beginning of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights movement.

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