DEAR PATRIOTS: Do You Think Hillary Would EVER Donate $1Mil of HER Money to Veterans?

Published on June 1, 2016

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Hillary criticized Donald Trump for raising $6 million for Veterans’ organizations and charities because she claims he was pressured in to sending out the money. Do you think Hillary should focus on herself instead? Do you think that she would ever do something like that?

Donald Trump’s campaign pushed back Wednesday against reports that Trump only followed through on his charitable pledges to veterans organizations because reporters pressed him on his failure to do so.

Hillary Clinton amplified that storyline on Wednesday, saying journalists ‘shamed him’ into following through, a version of recent history that the campaign now loudly disputes.

Hope Hicks, Trump’s campaign press secretary, said Wednesday that ‘it was completed on our timeline,’ insisting that ‘it didn’t happen that way.’

More than a dozen of the 41 charities Trump named Tuesday as recipients of $5.6 million in donations received checks dated May 24, according to the Associated Press.

That fact led to speculation that a brief Washington Post interview conducted the same day spurred Trump to complete his high-profile charity exercise in a hurry.

The checks, Hicks said in an email, were requested before May 24 in an effort to make good on his January fundraising promises to veterans’ assistance organizations before Memorial Day.

She confirmed that the last batch of checks were already on their way for Trump’s signature before he spoke with the Post, which called Trump’s own $1 million check a ‘phantom’ donation.

She said the checks were ‘already in process’ following a deep-dive process to evaluate prospective grantees and make sure the checks were received before the May 30 holiday.

In a followup phone call, she said the Memorial Day target was part of Trump’s plan for the donations from the very beginning.

‘It was completed on our timeline,’ she said, citing ‘a long vetting process and the totality of this process and how long it took.’

‘We did this according to the plan that was always in place in January.’

‘The goal was always to complete it by Memorial Day,’ she said. ‘So it’s not an odd thing that the remaining checks were cut the week before. That completion is something that was always part of the plan.’

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